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Brand (mockup) - Illustration & Graphic design
I love the clothing brand Monki and how they make fashion fun and comfortable at the same time. This is a personal project where I made a re-design of Monki´s visual identity, 2020.
Janos Tagg - Illustration & Graphic design
Cover illustration for the audiobook ”Janos Tagg: Djurdetektiv - Om en hamster”, written by Anders Börjesson, published by Arena Audiobooks. 
BA project - Illustration & Graphic Design
My graduation project from BFA in Design at HDK, Gothenburg University. An exploratory project with the question; In what way can anxiety be visualized? Risoprinted by BEAST Studio, Malmö.
Examensarbete HDK
Brand - Illustration
Illustrations for an article in the magazine Brand. The article was about rented apartments and community.
Sweet & Sour - Illustration & Graphic Design
Personal project where I made illustration and graphic design for the fictive brand Sweet & Sour.
Språktidningen - Illustration
Illustration for an article in the magazine Språktidningen. The article was about pronunciations of the written language.
Cat and fika - Illustration
Poster for Artwo, 2021.
Exhibition "KÄRL" - Illustration
Window illustration for the ceramic studio Artibus exhibition "KÄRL", during Southern Sweden design days in Malmö, 2021.
Levi`s - Illustration
Collaboration with Levi´s, Hede Fashion outlet, Kungsbacka. Illustration for one of Levi´s jeansjackets that later on where sold on an auction. All income from the auction went to the organisation Photo: Kristin Wiktorsson
Levi´s Hede Fashion outlet
Pretzel-dog poster - Illustration
Art print for publishing house "House of Amalou". Photo: House of Amalou
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